Nuance Welcomes new Dragon SKUs with Dragon Accessibility and Dragon BYOD for Education

Nuance has launched new SKUs for both the Windows and Mac platforms to target specific customers in the Accessibility and Education space. The Accessibility product is aimed at offering a tailored and high quality communication solution to the sector – we know that Dragon can make a difference to the lives of people living with a disability. The BYOD Education is for educational facilities to purchase a minimum of 10 licenses (may be a combination of Windows and MacOS) to on sell to their students at a significant discount – this SKU is not a replacement for the existing Academic SKU which is needed to equip educational providers inhouse machines with the software. You can read more about the BYOD product here or contact our Sales team for more information – these products are a perfect conversation opener for your clients working in this area.



Philips SpeechMike Premium Air

The SpeechMike Premium has reached its highest stage of evolution. Benefit from all advantages of the industry leading dictation microphone, without the constraints of a cable. Record your voice using a premium decoupled studio-quality microphone with a built-in noise reduction filter and achieve exceptional speech recognition results. Thanks to the revolutionary patented lossless speech technology, the SpeechMike Premium Air offers maximum mobility without any compromises. The device achieves the same high speech recognition performance as the standard SpeechMike Premium with a cable.

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Announcing Dragon Legal NZ V14

SBS in conjunction with Nuance are pleased to announce 2 new versions of Dragon Legal NZ – Dragon Legal NZ V14, and Dragon Legal NZ V14 Group.

Dragon Legal NZ V14 versus Dragon Legal NZ V14 Group

So what are the differences?

Dragon Legal NZ V14 is geared towards the single lawyer or the smaller law firm with less than five dictating authors.

Dragon Legal NZ V14 Group, on the other hand, where there are several users of speech recognition, is the product of choice. It provides some excellent behind-the-scenes administration of user profiles and their component pieces via a separate Nuance Management Centre (NMC) module. The NMC module allows IT to centrally administer/manage/maintain (modify, repair, upgrade, remove) the Dragon software licences and track employee usage, redistribute licenses based on employee use and manage or share customisations, including custom words, commands and auto-texts, across multiple Dragon users.

How is Dragon Legal NZ V14 Different from Legal NZ V13?

Following are some details that you should know.

Support for Windows 10 and Office 2016:


 Dragon Legal NZ V14 is fully supported in this environment…not available in Dragon Legal NZ V13.

Support for Citrix virtualised environments.

An improved “What can I say?” feature, which provides helpful context-sensitive suggestions for words and commands to use as a person is dictating.

Customisation capabilities that further improve accuracy of dictation and transcription and speed up repetitive tasks, including adding and sharing additional custom words and auto-texts (a frequently-used text passage such as a client or work order description).

Improved transcription capabilities for tasks like transcribing recorded notes, which can reduce transcription time and costs or eliminate transcription services completely.

Transcription options: Dragon Professional Individual is now capable of transcribing an individual speaker’s recording without traditional Dragon training. However, as always, quality of audio will impact accuracy, and there will be little to no punctuation (or paragraphs) unless they are dictated.

Even easier to use: Nuance has revamped the help files.

Dragon Legal NZ V14 will no longer include a basic headset. SBS provides superior microphones (wired and wireless) according to the user’s needs.


Pro Legal NZ V14               (1 to 4 users)                                           $995

Pro Legal NZ V14 Group V14          (5 or more users)                   $872
Nuance Management Centre (NMC) (5 or more users)            $55 per annum per Dragon user

Prices ex GST

Should You Upgrade to Dragon Legal NZ V14?

Current Dragon Legal NZ V13 Users

If you hold a license for Dragon Legal NZ V13, and you want increased accuracy plus you wish to run in a Win 10/Office 365/Win 2016 environment or in a Citrix virtual environment, then you should definitely upgrade to Dragon Legal NZ V14.

If you are a multi user NZ law firm with five or more Dragon Legal NZ V13 licences and you wish to centrally administer/manage/maintain (modify, repair, upgrade, remove) the Dragon software licences, track employee usage, redistribute licenses based on employee use and manage or share customisations, including custom words, commands and auto-texts, across multiple Dragon users, then you should definitely upgrade to Dragon Legal NZ V14 Group with the accompanying Nuance Management Centre Module (NMC).


Dragon Medical for Mac V5

Increase Your Productivity 


With Dragon® for Mac® Medical version 5, it’s now easier to capture your patient’s story—with richer detail and greater accuracy—in EMR or other applications.

Dragon for Mac Medical version 5 is now available for OS X El Capitan (10.11).

Version 5 now has support for Word 2016.

Built with a specialised medical vocabulary covering more than 90 medical specialties, Dragon for Mac Medical provides a more efficient way to accurately dictate medical record notes directly into EMR or other applications—all by voice.

Spend More Time with Patients

With the ability to dictate up to 3x faster than typing with up to 99% accuracy, capture detailed, high-quality medical record notes faster than ever before.

Speak Your Patient’s Story

Designed with a specialised medical language model and built-in medical vocabulary covering more than 90 specialties and subspecialties, you can count on outstanding dictation accuracy from the first use.

Speak Freely and with Flexibility

No matter which device you use—a wireless mic in your office, your Mac’s built-in mic or a digital voice recorder—capture rich, detailed clinical narrative using whichever audio source best suits your needs.

System Requirements

CPU:  Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz or faster processor – Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 recommended. RAM:  4GB, 8GB+ recommended.                                                                                           OPERATING SYSTEM:  OS X Mavericks (10.9), OS X Yosemite (10.10), or OS X El Capitan (10.11).

OS X compatibility for recent Dragon Mac products, please see below.

OS X 10.7 OS X 10.8 OS X 10.9 OS X 10.10 OS X 10.11
Dragon for Mac 5 No No Yes Yes Yes
Dragon for Mac Medical 5 No No Yes Yes Yes
Dragon Dictate 4 No Yes Yes Requires 4.0.6 No
Dragon Dictate Medical 4 No No Yes Yes No
Dragon Dictate 3 Yes Requires 3.0.2 Requires 3.0.4 No No
Dragon Dictate Medical 3 Yes Yes Yes No No

Additional Notes

Installations & License

Dragon for Mac medical may be installed on 1 computer, with an additional computer as a backup. Additional computer installations require additional license purchases. This differs from Dragon Medical Practice Edition which permits installation on 4 computers.

Express Editor

Similar to Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 (for PC), Dragon for Mac Medical provides an Express Editor (similar to the PC version’s Dictation Box), enabling the user to dictate with full text control.  Most Mac applications and environments do not allow editing or correcting by voice, therefore the Express Editor is vital for dictating into EMRs.  Once dictation and proofreading is complete within the Express Editor, transfer the final text into the EMR — all by voice.

Accent Support

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac supports the following regional accents of non-native English speakers:

For UK Spelling there are 4 accent choices:

  • British
  • Australian
  • Indian
  • Southeast Asian

Vocabulary Editor

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac’s vocabulary editor provides the ability to set alternate written forms (similar to the PC version of Dragon Medical).

Is Dragon for Mac Medical the same as Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 3 (for PC)?

Dragon Medical for Mac is a different product from Dragon medical Practice Edition 3

Dragon for Mac Medical is based on the same speech recognition engine as Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 3 (for PC), and offers the same base 90 medical  vocabularies, therefore providing excellent recognition accuracy for medical dictation.

However, Dragon for Mac Medical’s ease of use and flexibility (i.e. vocabulary editor, application compatibility, features etc.) is not the same as Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 3 (for PC) — although is vastly improved from previous Mac speech recognition products.

  • The correction process in the Mac edition involves additional steps over the PC edition.
  • There is no capability for roaming user profiles (i.e. synchronising a user profile across multiple networked computers) in the Mac edition. If you use multiple Macs (i.e. several exam rooms), you will need to export your user profile and then import to the other Macs and there is where they will separate.
  • The Mac edition does not permit multiple vocabularies within one user profile.  A user profile must be created for each vocabulary required (i.e. general medical, non-medical, plus a specialty).
  • The Mac product can only be installed on 2 computers.

Bottom line:  If deciding between Mac or PC variants, choose the PC variant of Dragon Medical.  However, Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac will be quite helpful for physicians already using a Mac in their practice.  Dictating is, after all, faster than typing, and the accuracy is fantastic.